Ok, it’s going to get a little real up in here. I have a confession to make. I really stink at keeping my site updated. There. I said it. Isn’t the first step admitting you have a problem? Heh.

I, in this day and age when people rely on the internet, (myself included) just cannot seem to keep this dang site updated. It’s embarrassing.

But I also realize that I probably won’t get better at it. So, in self-defeat I’m asking for your forgiveness.

Yes, I am still doing tasteful, sexy, photo shoots for the every-day woman. So if you can forgive me for being terrible for website updates but great at creating awesome pictures, then please send me a text to that number up there ^^


by Shay

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Happy happy holidays!

I’m buried in editing for the Christmas season, but when you have beautiful clients (as I do) that’s a good thing!:)

If you’re waiting on your gallery – it’s coming soon!!

Blacklight photo shoot

I recently had a blacklight photo shoot at French Kiss Fitness.  So fun!!  If you’d like to do something similar, give me a shout-out.  :)

Football season

Gotta love football season, am I right?!  Show your man how much of a fan you are by giving him some beautiful and tasteful images of you in his favorite team attire.

French Kiss Fitness Partnership!!

If you’re a fan of my Facebook page then you probably know I’ve been a long-time student, instructor, and resident photographer for THEE premier pole fitness and aerial arts dance studio in Utah – French Kiss Fitness.  So you can imagine my excitement to make this announcement: Utah Boudoir Photography is partnering up with French Kiss Fitness in an official capacity, which carries an awesome deal along with it!  Any new student who signs up for a yearly package with the studio will receive a FREE photo shoot with me!!!

For the FKF students who may not yet know me, I have 8 years of portrait photography experience with 4 years specializing in boudoir photography.  I have extensive experience posing women of all shapes and sizes in flattering positions so you will look ahhhmazing!!  You do not have to be a model with a perfect body or perfect skin to look incredible in your photos – it’s my job to make sure you look awesome.  In fact, the beautiful women you see on my site are regular gals (flaws and all) just like you and me.:)

I’ll be doing the FKK shoots monthly so once you sign-up with the studio, I’ll contact you to schedule your shoot.  We’ll have so much fun!